The World Cup Theft!

4 to 10 players

Symbol of the conquest of the third soccer championship, the Jules Rimet cup was stolen!

Withdrawal from the confederation’s own building is believed to have been melted down and sold in clandestine markets.

A real shame! Or is it not?
Our investigators have discovered some facts that show that this story may not have happened in exactly this way.

Difficulty 70%
Setting 90%
Props 80%
Music 100%
Success rate with 3 hints or less 45%

The Mystery of Santos Dumont

4 to 10 players

Alberto Santos Dumont, the father of aviation, spent the end of his life in his chalet, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, in Petrópolis.

You will be transported to 1932, shortly after the death of Santos Dumont, with the task of recovering the invention and bringing it to us for the purpose that was created.

Remember, you will only have an hour to get in and out of the room before you are stuck forever in 1932!

Difficulty 80%
Setting 100%
Props 80%
Music 100%
Success rate with 3 hints or less 50%

Operation FBHI

4 to 20 players

Ready for the final exam?
You will have an hour to show that you are good enough to enter the ranks of FBHI, InterBHol’s right hand.

Enter the room and discover any trace of information he has left behind so that we can continue our investigations. Be aware, our information indicates that in just an hour some politician’s goons will destroy the office, so be quick.

Good luck, recruits!

Difficulty 100%
Setting 80%
Props 20%
Success rate with 3 hints 33%